About Us

Verbatim has a diverse team of driven, engaged and experienced consultants who provide technical assistance that creates conditions for improved performance, sustainable growth and better livelihoods. Our management team are international development experts with a combined 65 years of experience providing technical assistance to agencies and have led teams in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Our Service Areas

Our specialists help organizations create tangible value from their knowledge by designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks. We design and support implementation of knowledge management initiatives such as lesson learning, innovation strategies, training and coaching, community of practice support, providing essential knowledge management toolkits that increase profitability through KM.

Our support includes knowledge management assessment, knowledge management Strategy development, development of knowledge management products and implementation planning and support.

Our team utilizes multi-disciplinary capabilities to generate ideas and make future projections. We review your organization from a high level and design strategies to overcome sectorial, market or operational challenges. We conduct research and analyze data, providing knowledge and evidence for decision making.

From design and initiating to closing, we provide oversight and operational capacity to ensure scope, time, cost and quality are not compromised in the execution of clients’ projects.

We keep a strong focus on delivery of results that deliver value for money, while effectively managing risk throughout the project cycle. We communicate, engage and manage stakeholders, working closely with international and local partners.

Over the years our experts have worked with a diverse number of organizations supporting human resource management, staff development, institutional strengthening initiatives, change management and capacity building programmes.

We have developed proven methodologies and designed bespoke tools that help public sector and private sector clients improve recruitment outcomes, retention numbers, engagement levels and performance.

Delivering results and impact requires evidence of effective and ineffective programmes, policies, approaches, activities and tasks. We design and identify metrics to be tracked and measured to provide clients with effective monitoring and evaluation systems. The evidence provided improves lesson learning, future programme design and performance.

We optimize the impact of our client’s results by designing and implementing communication strategies and campaigns that will support awareness and scaling up of interventions. Our communication strategies are context specific bearing in mind considerations such as literacy, local languages, communication channels and social norms. Our strategies utilize traditional and social media, community groups, civil society and thought leaders.

Our Practice Areas

Governance & Public Sector

Verbatim works to promote transparent, effective and accountable governance by supporting public institutions and agents with training, tools and skills that increase their effectiveness in public service delivery.

Economic Growth & Trade

Our team works with the private sector to facilitate market opportunities that increase the diffusion of knowledge, fosters technological progress, solves problems, drives production, increases trade, encourages inclusion and reduces poverty.

Health Development

We work with the public sector, private and community health facilities to increase access to quality healthcare especially in the rural and peri urban areas.

Education & Youth

Access to education is a development goal that plays a significant role in employment, poverty reduction and economic growth. Our work in this sector provides support to policy makers and education support to marginalized groups like girls and rural youth through engaged communities.

Agriculture & Agribusiness

Agriculture in Nigeria is a significant sector of the economy and provides employment for 70% of the population. The processing of agriproducts is growing and our work in the sector will focus on support to small scale farming.

Gender & Inclusion

Sustainable development can only be achieved when men and women are able to contribute optimally to the economic, political, social and cultural growth of a nation. Verbatim also provide advisory services on how to mainstream gender parity.

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